A Spotlight Simulator for Presentation and Online Courses based on AHK


This winter, COVID-19 spreads all over the world, and seriously affects teaching and learning in universities, and schools. As a result, Tsinghua University, took the lead in China to propose “deferred back to school while start of classes as scheduled”, and encourages all its faculties and students to participant in online courses. And there are lots of challenges to overcome.

AHK Spotlight is born for online teaching and presentation purpose. It is developed based on AutoHotKey (AHK), and simulates Spotlight effect of , which could help you to highlight important part of you presentation, and make online teaching and presentation much easier. Click here to download the application. Please check the following for toturials.

A Installation for Auto Startup

  1. unzip the files, and create shortcuts for SpotLightStarter.exe

  2. Open path C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\StartMenu\Programs\StartUp, and copy created shortcuts to this folder

  3. Restart computer, and you will find a small green ico with a white H in it, which implies the application runs well

  4. If you do not need auto-startup, then you need to double click SpotLightStarter.exe every time you start your computer

B Use the Application

  1. Run your Powerpoint as usuall, and press Shift twice to activate Spotlight effect

  2. Press Esc to escape Spotlight effect

  3. Press S+Up/Down to zoom the circle


This application is modified from MSpot (https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/33038-mspot-mouse-spotlight-example-using-winset-region/), many thanks to the author for sharing the idea.

Spring is coming, let’s do our best together!

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