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  1. Integrated BIM Application in the Construction of Beijing Ikea Shopping Mall
  2. Integrated Lifecycle Management of Construction Projects based on Cloud BIM
  3. Lifecycle Management of Modular Buildings based on Information and communication Technologies


  1. Research on IDM-based BIM process information exchange technology
  2. Research and Development of BIM-based Housing Project Planning System
  3. BIM oriented intelligent data mining and representation
  4. BIM-Based Plan Modeling System at Preliminary Stage for Residential Real Estate Projects
  5. Schedule-Resource Trade-off Based on Construction Process Simulation and Simulated Annealing
  6. Visualization and automatic verification of a schedule-driven 4D model
  7. Leveraging BIM in settlement monitoring and impact management for subway excavation
  8. Building Layout Optimization based on BIM and Sunlight Simulation
  9. Towards BIM-based model integration and safety analysis for bridge construction
  10. A Relativity Evaluation Approach to Unstructured Document Integration and Retrieval for Building Information Modeling
  11. A Topological and Hierarchical Information Integration Approach for Standard-unit-based Residential Planning
  12. BIM Application in Owner and EPC Contractor Collaborative Management of a Large-Scale Public Building Project
  13. A BIM-based Safety Monitoring and Analysis System for a High-speed Railway Bridge
  14. Material Management for Bridge Construction Utilizing BIM- and IoT-based Platform
  15. Architecture Design of Multi-level BIM Platform for Companies
  16. Architecture of BIM-based Lifecycle Management Platform for Hydroelectric Projects
  17. How Information Technology Can Improve Construction Management for General Contractor: A Case Study
  18. Operation-level 4D Modeling and Visualization for Modular Building based on Standard Activity Library
  19. BIM-based Fire Simulation
  20. Cloud-based Integration and Mangement of Building Information
  21. Monitoring Framework for Utility Tunnels based on BIM and IoT Technology
  22. Application Framework for On-Site Safety and Quality Inspection based on WeChat
  23. Ontology-Based Semantic Retrieval Method of Energy Consumption Management
  24. Space Detection and Reconstruction of BIM for Facility Management
  25. Framework of Building Performance Data Sensing and Service Platform
  26. Classification and Exemplary BIM Models Development of Design Changes
  27. Automatic MEP Knowledge Acquisition Based on Documents and Natural Language Processing
  28. An Agent-based Approach for Modeling Human-robot Collaboration in Bricklaying
  29. OpenBridgeGraph: Integrating Open Government Data for Bridge Management
  30. Study on the Reliability of Apartment Network System in Tsinghua University
  31. Data Cleaning for Building Performance Monitoring
  32. Towards Knowledge Graph for Intelligent Regulations such as Fire Protection Codes
  33. A Framework to Automate Reliability-based Structural Optimization based on Visual Programming and OpenSees
  34. Ontology-based Risk Assessment and Solution During Shield Tunnel Construction


  1. Application of BIM in Engineering Construction
  2. Research and Development of BIM-based Housing Project Planning System
  3. Web-oriented BIM 3D Viewing and Information Management
  4. Schedule-resource Trade-off Modeling and Application based on 4D-BIM
  5. A Natural‐Language‐Based Approach to Intelligent Data Retrieval and Representation for Cloud BIM
  6. BIM-based Safety Management for the Construction of Shi-ji Yellow River Bridge
  7. Simulation Model Generation and Application Based on BIM for Resource Allocation
  8. Data conversion and sharing for building performance analyses based on IFC
  9. Information Classification System for Lifecycle Management of Hydroelectric Projects
  10. A multi-server information-sharing environment for cross-party collaboration on a private cloud
  11. A hybrid data mining approach on BIM-based building operation and maintenance
  12. Space and MEP topology extraction and application based on BIM
  13. Towards the Applicability of IFC for Green Building Evaluation in China
  14. Review and Exploratory Text Mining of Building Information Modeling Policies in China
  15. Multiaspect Similarity Evaluation of BIM-Based Standard Dwelling Units for Residential Design
  16. Present and Future of Integrated Applications of BIM, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of Things
  17. BIM- and IoT-based monitoring framework for building performance management
  18. Automating closed-loop structural safety management for bridge construction through multisource data integration
  19. Visualization of Indoor Thermal Environment on Mobile Devices based on Augmented Reality and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  20. A Review on 3D Spatial Data Analytics for Building Information Models
  21. Workpackage-based Information Modeling for Resource-Constrained Scheduling of Construction Projects
  22. Resource-constrained project scheduling problem considering productivity and construction methods
  23. Automatic compliance checking in building and construction area
  24. Building information modeling–based cyber-physical platform for building performance monitoring
  25. Semantic classification and hash code accelerated detection of design changes in BIM models
  26. A bibliometric review of visual computing in construction industry
  27. A Hybrid Data Mining Method for Tunnel Engineering Based on Real-Time Monitoring Data from Tunnel Boring Machines
  28. Current Status and Trends of BIM in China based on Big Data and Search Engine
  29. Understanding On-Site Inspection of Construction Projects based on Keyword Extraction and Topic Modeling


  1. Special Issue on Smart Sensing in Building and Construction – Call for Papers from Sensors Journal
  2. Building Information Modeling Standard of Guizhou is Published
  3. Symposium on Digital Transformation of Construction Industry after COVID-19 Pandemic is Held in Taiyuan, China
  4. Our paper on ACC is one of the most downloaded papers of Journal of Tsinghua University (Science & Technology)
  5. Our paper is featured as hot paper of Journal of Tsinghua University (Science & Technology)
  6. Journals and Conferences related to Construction Informatics and Computing in the AEC Industry
  7. Opensource Tools for Building Information Modeling
  8. Open Position for Postdoctoral Fellow: Digital Infrastructure Twin
  9. Call for Paper: Special Issue on Digital Twin in AEC Industry of the journal Advances in Civil Engineering
  10. Our paper is one of most downloaded and read papers of Journal of Tsinghua University (Science & Technology)
  11. 4 of our papers ranked top 20/50 among CNKI most downloaded papers
  12. Our paper was selected as the best paper of Journal of Graphics
  13. Our paper is one of most downloaded papers of Automation in Construction
  14. My studens won the 1st prize of student research training program of Tsinghua
  15. I won the 3rd prize of teaching competition for young faculities in Beijing
  16. I won the 1st prize of teaching competition for young faculities in Tsinghua


  1. 2012.8-2014.12: BIM Application in Construction of Ikea Shopping Center II in Daxing, Beijing
  2. 2013.1-2016.12: Technologies of BIM Integration and Application for Building Lifecycle Based on Cloud Computing
  3. 2013.10-2016.10: Digital Development of Industrial Residential Projects based on Lifecycle Mangement Ministry of Science and Technology
  4. 2014.8-2015.12:BIM Application in the Construction of Baishatuo Yangtze River Bridge
  5. 2014.8-2017.6: Investigation and Development of BIM Platform for Rail Transit
  6. 2015.1-2018.12: Research on BIM-based safety management technologies for large public buildings during operation and maintenance
  7. 2015.1-2015.12: Theory and System Framework for IoT-based Lifecycle Management of Hydropower Projects
  8. 2015.1-2016.12: BIM-based Safety Monitoring and 4D Management System for Construction of Shi-ji Yellow River
  9. 2015.1-2016.12: BIM Application in Construction of Tecent Beijing Headquaters
  10. 2015.6-2017.12: BIM-based Construction and Operation of Largescale Buildings
  11. 2016.7-2019.6: BIM/GIS- and IoT-based Simulation, Sensing and Management of Utility Tunnels
  12. 2016.9-2018.3: Dynamic monitoring and analysis of urban utility tunnels based on BIM and IoT
  13. 2016.9-2017.12: Digital Platform for Facility Management of Kunming Airport
  14. 2017.7-2020.7: Dynamic Cloud Service for Building Performance Management
  15. 2017.10-2019.12: Spatial Data Analytics for BIM-based Facility Management
  16. 2018.1-2021.12: Research on information-driven multi-scale performance simulation and analysis technologies for existing buildings
  17. 2018.12-2022.12: BIM-based Standard House Design for Rural Area
  18. 2019.1-2020.12: Automatic Code Checking for Fire and Evacuation based on Ontology and BIM
  19. 2019.1-2020.12: Algorithmic Governance of Interactive Building
  20. 2019.1-2020.1: Information Modeling Standard for Hydraulic Project
  21. 2019.6-2020.6: Lifecycle Management of National Skating Stadium based on BIM and Big Data
  22. 2019.10-2020.12: Automatic Checking of BIM-based Design
  23. 2020.1-2022.12: Automatic Compliance Checking of Performance-based Fire Protection Design by Integrating Reasoning and Simulation


  1. Improving Decision-Making Process of AEC Projects by Connecting the Virtual and Physical World
  2. Classification and Exemplary BIM Models Developments of Design Changes
  3. ISARC Classification and Exemplary BIM Models Developments of Design Changes
  4. AR-based CFD Visualization on Mobile Devices
  5. Recent Development of BIM Platform for Modular Construction
  6. Development of Smart BIM Platform for Construction Projects
  7. Policies, Standards, Practice and Trends of BIM in China


  1. A Spotlight Simulator for Presentation and Online Courses based on AHK
  2. AHK Spotlight v1.6 released
  3. New Features of AHK Spotlight, Rectangular Spotlight and Config Saving


  1. Spring, 2012 Teaching Assistant of Computer-aided Engineering Drawing
  2. Spring, 2013 Teaching Assistant of Computer-aided Engineering Drawing
  3. Spring, 2017 Instructor of Computer-aided Engineering Drawing
  4. Spring, 2017 Instructor of Computer-aided Civil Engineering
  5. Autumn, 2018 Instructor of Building Information Modeling Technology
  6. Spring, 2020 Instructor of Computer-aided Engineering Drawing
  7. Spring, 2019 Instructor of Computer-aided Engineering Drawing
  8. Autumn, 2019 Principal Instructor of Building Information Modeling Technology