Towards the Applicability of IFC for Green Building Evaluation in China

Journal of Graphics, 2018

Recommended citation: Lin, J.*, Zhang, J. (2018). Towards the Applicability of IFC for Green Building Evaluation in China. Journal of Graphics, 39(4), 765-770. doi: 10.11996/JG.j.2095-302X.2018040765 (in Chinese) cited by count


Various data fragmented in different data formats are involved in green building evaluation. Nowadays, building information modeling (BIM) emerges as a new way to integrate all these data into a single repository to improve efficiency and facilitate the adoption of green building. However, due to lack of both BIM software and information model supporting green building evaluation in China, it is difficult to evaluate lifecycle performance of a green building in China. Thus, by analyzing China’s green building evaluation standard, information requirements for green building evaluation were extracted. Then, applicability of industrial foundation classes (IFC) to describe and support China’s green building evaluation standard was assessed. Results of this research can be of great value in the establishment and development of the information model specialized for China’s green building evaluation, and it will also assist the formation of the information delivery standard and the study of BIM tools for green building evaluation.

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Funding:National Key R&D Program of China, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Grant, Young Elite Scientists Sponsorship Program by China Association for Science and Technology

Accession Number:CSCD:6316645


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