Our group won the Second Prize of the 2021 Science and Technology Award of Shanghai Society of Civil Engineering

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On May 10, 2021, the project entitled Virtual Construction of Largescale Projects based on BIM and AI won the second prize of the 2021 science and technology award of Shange Society of Civil Engineering. The project was jointly completed by Tsinghua, Shanghai Construction No.4 Group and Shanghai Construction Group.

In this project, advanded information technologies such as AI, MR, knowledge base, are integrated with BIM for design modeling, compliance cheking, construction simulation and optimization. Meanwhile, BIM-based construction management platform and tools are developed and deployed for efficient decision making. Developed platform and tools have been further applied in many largescale projects including Disney Shanghai, Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai International Financial Center, leading to significant economic and social benefits.

Prof. Jian-Pian Zhang, Prof. Zhen-Zhong Hu and Dr. Jia-Rui Lin and members in their lab are deeply involved in this project.


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