Call for Paper: Intelligent and Computer Technologies Application in Construction Volume II

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Dear Colleagues,

The construction industry has long been an engine of global economic growth. Despite the boom, the construction industry is faced with many challenges, such as lagging productivity, labor sustainability, and environmental sustainability. Considering the above challenges, industrial transformation and upgrading have become critical for the continuous and healthy development of the construction industry.

Intelligent construction provides a solution to these challenges. In the past two decades, we have witnessed significant efforts in leveraging intelligent and computer technologies to enhance the construction project delivery process. Examples include but are not limited to smart site supervision, construction robotics, automatic safety, and health management with the IoT. Intelligent construction is a complicated topic related to the whole life cycle of a project. With the advancement of intelligent and computer technologies, there is still room for researchers and industry practitioners to further facilitate digital and intelligent transformation in construction.

This Special Issue aims to provide a platform to explore state-of-the-art knowledge, practical implementation, and cutting-edge innovations in the area of intelligent and computer technologies’ application in construction.

Dr. Hongling Guo Dr. Jia-Rui Lin Dr. Yantao Yu Guest Editors


intelligent construction construction robotics internet of things computer vision blockchains deep learning artificial intelligence 3D printing building information modeling digital twin

Note that this is the second volume of this special issue, we have published 14 papers in the first volume, and your can find information of this special issue here. Find the official website and subimit your manuscript here, and you also can downlaod the flyer through this link, please do not hesitate to share it with your friends.

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