Maturity Assessment of Intelligent Construction Management

Buildings, 2022

Recommended citation: Lin, C., Hu, Z.Z., Yang, C., Deng, Y.C., Zheng, W., Lin, J.R.* (2022). Maturity Assessment of Intelligent Construction Management. Buildings, 12(10), 1742. doi: 10.3390/buildings12101742 cited by count


In the new era of Construction 4.0, the application of a large number of intelligent information technologies (ITs) and advanced managerial approaches have brought about the rapid development of intelligent construction management (ICM). However, it is still unclear how to assess the maturity of ICM. In this study, a maturity assessment system for ICM was formulated through literature reviews, questionnaires, expert discussions and a case study. A maturity scoring table containing five assessment dimensions and twenty assessment indicators was developed, and corresponding maturity levels and a radar chart of dimensions were designed. A case study of the assessments of two construction enterprises was conducted to validate that the proposed assessment system could be used by construction enterprises to quantitatively assess their ICM maturities and obtain both overall and specific assessment results. This study also proposed practical improvement methods to improve ICM maturities for construction enterprises with different maturity levels. Furthermore, the study also discussed the development direction of ICM at present and in the short-term future, which should be paid more attention to by the construction industry.

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This research was funded by the National Key R&D Program of China (grant number 2018YFD1100900), and the Science and Technology Plan Project of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation (grant number 2020061)

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