2024.1-2027.12: Data- and Knowledge-Driven Detection and Optimziation of Temporal Spatial Conflicts in Complex MEP Systems

NSFC Project, National Science Foundation of China, 2024

Construction of mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) systems usually faces various temporal-spatial conflicts such as spatial collisions, schedule conflicts, and the current design detailing approach fails in improving the quality of construction and building services due to faulty detection and low optimization efficiency. The key challenges are lack of mechanism for efficient representation of various design knowledges and for accurate conflict detection, thus no efficient methods are available for detection and optimization of temporal-spatial conflicts in multidisciplinary design. Outcomes of this project are the mechanism for novel mechanism and methods for efficient knowledge representation and extraction as well as accurate detection and optimization of temporal-spatial conflicts, which is of great importance for intelligent design and the promotion of construction quality and efficiency.

I’m the Principal Investigator of this project.

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