Intelligent Construction Driven by Digitalization

Architecture Technology, 2022

Recommended citation: Zhang, J.P.*, Lin, J.R., Hu, Z.Z., Wang, H.W. (2022). Intelligent Construction Driven by Digitalization. Architecture Technology, 53(11), 1566-1571. doi: unavailable cited by count


Intelligent construction is a new construction model serving the whole life of engineering products and deeply integrating next-generation information technology, which aims to form a coordinated operation system and an integrated industrial chain of engineering projects including project planning, planning and design, production and construction, delivery of products, and operation and maintenance services, and is the dominant way to promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. Under the digitalization support of the whole process of engineering projects, digitized thinking, digitized path, data-driven intelligent BIM and the whole-process application for intelligent construction are proposed to fill up the key technologies needed to be broken through in intelligent construction, and to explore feasible technical paths for intelligent construction.

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