2015.1-2018.12: Research on BIM-based safety management technologies for large public buildings during operation and maintenance

NSFC Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2015

Aiming at the problems such as the massive information management and integrated application in current safety management of large public buildings during operation and maintenance period, this project combines the safety management system of large public buildings to construct a BIM&GIS-based multi-scale model for operation and maintenance management. The proposed model is based on the international construction industry standard IFC, and via introducing the emerging frontier information technology like BIM, internet of things, cloud computing, etc. Then, by means of integration innovation, the operation and maintenance information management technology including dynamic monitoring, evaluation and early warning technology for safety performance will be researched. A BIM-based Safety Management Platform (BIM-SMP) for large public buildings during operation and maintenance period will also be developed. This project is expected to provide a complete set of theory, method, technology and platform support for the creation and application of the safety information model for large public buildings during operation and maintenance period. It realizes the combinations of macro management and micro management, information management and information applications, dynamic monitoring and real-time evaluation, and post-disaster simulation and escape guidelines for the safety management in operation and maintenance period. Therefore the safety problems of construction can be discovered in time and the post-disaster emergency plan can be made as soon as possible. Furthermore, the safety performances of the building structure and affiliated mechanical and electrical, plumbing (MEP) equipment are improved and the building disaster losses will be reduced.

I’m the core member of the team, and conducted research related to spatial data extraction and data mining for building maintenance.

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