2013.10-2016.10: Digital Development of Industrial Residential Projects based on Lifecycle Mangement Ministry of Science and Technology

National High Tech R&D Program, Ministry of Science and Technology, 2013

In order to solve the major problems which hinder the development of green buildings and residential industrialization in China, by taking the affordable housing as a breakthrough point, this project aims to explore the theory and the standard framework, establish the key technologies and methods, and develop a digital management platform to support the lifecycle-based standardized design, component centered production, assembly construction and management informatization of green residential buildings. The results are applied to real projects for validation and then the development pattern and the promotion mechanism that are suitable for the industrialization of green residential buildings in China is proposed accordingly,so that all phases of green residential buildings are integrated into a complete production chain, thereby pursuing remarkable merits such as saving energy, protecting environment, maximizing the lifecycle value and assisting the industrialization of green residential buildings.

In the project, the overall implementation plan and the technical roadmap were firstly determined. Then the requirement analysis was carried out to work out the theory, the development pattern and the standard framework that take into account of China’s reality, and develop the related standards according to the current status of housing industrialization in China. Thirdly, regarding the lifecycle of green residential buildings, including the phases of planning, design, parts production, construction and facility management, by basing on such common techniques as BIM, process management, performance prediction and real-time monitoring, the key technologies were developed, the digital platform was implemented, and a full production chain was proposed. Finally, the results were applied to an affordable residential building project and a commercial residential building project for validation and obvious social and economic benefits have been obtained, ensuring that the research outcomes are widely applicable.

This scientific report consists of three parts, i.e., requirement analysis, system design and technical research. It covers the key technologies and methods that have been developed in the project for the digital development of the lifecycle of green residential buildings. It also provides the architecture and system design of the digital management platform, as well as the application demonstration and the benefit analysis. This report is expected to provide powerful and reliable theory, standard and technical supports and application tools for the development of residential industrialization in China.

I was the core member of the team, and investigated key technologies of cloud-based collaboration platform for lifecycle management of residential buildings.

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