Current Status and Trends of BIM in China based on Big Data and Search Engine

Construction Technology, 2020

Recommended citation: Lin, J.R.*, Cheng, G.F. (2020). Current Status and Trends of BIM in China based on Big Data and Search Engine. Construction Technology, 49(9), 96-99. doi: 10.7672/sgjs2020090096


With research and development of about 20 years, building information modeling (BIM) has been adopted in many projects in China. This research utilized big data collected from Baidu, the most popular web search engine in China, to investigate current status, regional differences, and user portraits of BIM. Results show that driven by related BIM policies announced by the government, public attentions of BIM increased dramatically from 2014 to 2018, and there exists significant regional differences. Moreover, though foreign software takes major attentions of the users, more and more attentions are paid to domestic software. In addition, most of BIM users are young engineers with female as a major gender, and they concern more about professional in using BIM software and certificates for their BIM skills. Thus, it is suggested that more policies and public strategies on domestic software development, personnel training and talent fostering as well as further promotion of BIM are required.

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This research is supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (No. 2018YFD1100900), the National Science Foundation of China (No.51908323), the Beijing National Science Foundation (No.8194067), and the Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program (No.2019Z02UOT).

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