2018.1-2021.12: Research on information-driven multi-scale performance simulation and analysis technologies for existing buildings

NSFC Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2018

Lacking of technologies for integrated and effective performance analyses, i.e., environmental, economic and safety analyses, for existing buildings during operation and maintenance period is now plaguing the city development in China. Based on the maintenance information model and actuated by information technologies such as Building Information Model/Modeling (BIM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), this project combines the performance analysis methods, technologies and systems for existing buildings to construct a multi-scale maintenance BIM for different scaled objecs and different performance analysis requirements. Then a hybrid cloud architecture will be designed to achieve the integrated and efficient management of the big data within the multi-scale maintenance BIM. On this basis, a fusion mechanism for information between external-scale environment and internal-scale environment will also be studied. Through technology integration, system integration and application integration, a system named eBuilding will be designed and developed to achieve the multi-scale performance simulation and analysis for existing buildings. This research is expected to provide a complete set of theory, method, technology and software supports to timely discover the hidden performance damage and accordingly aid in solution developing. It also has the potential to promote sustainable development of cities, reduce resource consumption and safety risks.

Dr. Zhen-Zhong Hu is the Principal Investigator, and I’m the core memeber of the team.

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