Review on Intelligent Performance Evaluation of Construction Supervisors

Journal of Graphics, 2021

Recommended citation: Zheng, W., Lin, J.R.*, Yang, C., Yan, K.X., Cheng, Y. (2021). Review on Intelligent Performance Evaluation of Construction Supervisors. Journal of Graphics, 42(6), 1002-1010. doi: 10.11996/JG.j.2095-302X.2021061002 cited by count


The project supervision system is key to ensuring the project quality in the construction field. Supervisors are the essential parts of project supervision, and evaluating their performance is of great significance to ensuring the quality of a construction project. Currently, related research still focuses on the common goal, content, and procedure of performance evaluation, and is highly dependent on manual operation. Meanwhile, the performance indicators are usually rigid and unitary, leading to inappropriate and unclear results. The development of advanced information technology has brought new opportunities and methods for the intelligent performance evaluation of supervisors. This paper aims to systematically review the performance evaluation methods and the underlying intelligent technologies, and to propose new directions and trends for intelligent performance evaluation. This paper reviewed the current status of performance evaluation of supervisors assisted by intelligent supervision technology from two aspects, namely, the perspective of technical methods, and the perspective of application. Key evaluation methods and theories involved were summarized, and application of corresponding methods based on information technology were discussed. Based on prior work, discussion and analysis were conducted to identify existing problems and challenges. To tackle these problems, the developments of simplified performance evaluation methods, and more flexible and objective indicators were suggested. Thus, this paper shed light on the future performance evaluation of supervisors under the development of intelligent construction with modern comprehensive evaluation method combined with artificial intelligence, block chain technology, and other emerging information technologies.

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Funding: Science and Technology Plan Project of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation (2020061); Tsinghua University-Glodon Joint Research Center for Building Information Model(RCBIM)

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