Data-Driven Quantitative Performance Evaluation of Construction Supervisors

Buildings, 2023

引用方式: Yang, C., Lin, J.R.*, Yan, K.X., Deng, Y.C., Hu, Z.Z., Liu, C. (2023). Data-Driven Quantitative Performance Evaluation of Construction Supervisors. Buildings, 13(5), 1264. doi: 10.3390/buildings13051264 cited by count



The performances of construction supervisors are essential for the monitoring, control, and coordination of the construction process of a project in order to adhere to a predefined schedule, cost, quality and other factors. However, it is challenging to evaluate their performance due to limitations such as data deficiency, human error, etc. Thus, this paper proposes an approach to data-driven quantitative performance evaluation of construction supervisors by integrating an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and activity tracking. The proposed approach contains three parts, namely, index extraction, weighting, data-driven index calculation, and then validation by case study. Firstly, performance indexes were developed based on a literature review as well as surveys and function analysis of the information system for construction supervision (CSI system). Then, the weights of and relationships among of the indexes are determined by AHP. After that, with daily workflow and inspection activities tracked in the CSI system, a method and a software module for automatic calculation of indexes were developed. Lastly, the proposed approach was validated by a real-world case. The result showed that the proposed approach can quantify the performance of a construction supervisor systematically and automatically, which shed lights on how to evaluate the performance of a worker based on the tracking of daily activities. The data-driven process enhanced our strong interpretation of member actions and evaluation indexes, and can boost the performance of every member in an organization.



This research was funded by the Science and Technology Plan Project of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation (grant number 2020061).